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Unlock personalized bankroll management with Hedge, where cutting-edge technology meets expert financial strategies to elevate your financial wellbeing.

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Increase in gambling satisfaction


Decrease in accrued losses
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I used to try to keep my bankroll straight in my head. Hedge automatically budgets my income and introduced me to the Half Kelly Criterion I know I'm betting the right amount of money and don't even have to think about it.

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John Armistead



Decrease in stress after losses


Increase in revenue
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You never place a bet you think is going to lose, right? I used to only change my unit size or slow down after a big loss or a cold streak. Since my units are adjusted automatically, there are times where I might win less, but I know for a fact I won't lose all my money. It's great peace of mind.

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Jaxon Strausburg

Senior Account Executive

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